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Date: 17th October 2016
Precompound FKM
Precompound FKMPrecompound FKM is the copolymer ofHexafluoropropylene (HFP) and Vinylidene Fluoride, with curing system. It hasgood processing and excellent compression set, and used for producing o-ring,gasket, hose and seals etc.GradeFluorine content%Density g/cm3Mooney viscosityCompression setApplicationML(1+101 21?)200??70H (%)Bisphenol Curing SystemFL-2660661.816516Excellent compression set,suitbale for O ring and gasket etc.FL-2640661.824015Good processing and compressingperformance, suitable for O ring and Shaped ringFL-2630661.823516Good metal bonding, processingand de-molding performance, suitable for gasket, seals and different kinds of rubber accessoriesFL-2620661.823014Good processing performance and Rheological properties, suitable for O ring and shaped ring.FL-2462661.852515Excellent resistance of methanoland extrusion performance, suitable for hose and plank stuff.FL-2464661.854514Good metal bonding, processingand de?molding performance, suitable for gasket, seals and different kinds of rubber accessories.Package?storage and transportation:(1). Fluoroelastomer is packed in PE bags in the form of flake, and then packed into carton with net weight 25kg per carton.(2). Fluoroelastomer should be stored in clean, dry and cool warehouse. It can be transported as non-hazardous chemicals and should be far away from pollution sources, sunshine as well as water during transportation.(3). It is suggested that Flurine fluoroelastomer storing time limit should be one year after production. If exceeding one year, these products should be retested,they could be used continuously after being retested up to grade.