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Date: 6th September 2016
Mixed Refrigerants R410a
R410AR410a is a colorless gas under ordinary temperature, and a colorless & Transparent Liquid under the pressure of itself, mixed by HFC-32 and HFC-125. And it is the substitute for R22, mainly used in the air conditioners and other refrigerating systems.Properties?IndexUnitR410AChemical formulaR-32/R-125Molecular weightg/mol72.58Boiling point?-51.53Critical temperature?72.13Critical pressureMPa4.93Saturated liquid density (25?)g/cm31.062Liquid specific heat (25?)KJ/(Kg???)1.84Equip pressure specific heat (Cp) (25?)?101.3kPaKJ/(Kg???)0.832Critical densityg/cm30.489Vaporization heat at boiling pointKJ/Kg276.2ODP0GWP0.42Quality Specification?IndexExcellent?GradeAppearanceColorless , not turbidOdorNo strange stenchPurity % ?99.8Moisture % ?0.001Acidity (as HCl) % ?0.00001Evaporation residue % ?0.01Chlorides(Cl-) test % ?0.0003No condensable gas (V/V) % ?1.5Packing?11.3kg/30P unrefillable steel cylinders;760kg/800L,870kg/926L returnable steel cylinders, or ISO TANK. The filling index is less than0.95kg/L. It must be kept in cool, dry and well-ventilated places, away from sunshine and rainfall.