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Date: 8th September 2016
High Pressure Refrigerant R32
R32R32 is a colorless gas under ordinary temperature and a colorless & transparent liquid under the pressure of itself. It is mainly used as refrigerant which is the vital part to substitute R22. R32 is also an important component of blend?refrigerant R407C and R410a. .Properties?IndexUnitR32Chemical formulaCH2F2Molecular weightg/mol52.02Freezing point?-136Boiling point?-51.7Specific gravity (25??liquid)g/cm30.958Vapor pressure (25?)MPa1.689Critical temperature?78.10Critical pressureMPa5.808Critical densityg/cm30.424Water solubility (25?)W%0.44ODP0GWP0.11Quality Specification?IndexExcellent?GradeAppearanceColorless ,Website:http://www.sinofluorine.com, not turbidOdorNo strange stenchPurity % ?99.8Moisture % ?0.001Acidity (as HCl) % ?0.00001Evaporation residue % ?0.01Chlorides (Cl-) test % ?0.0003No condensable gas (V/V) % ?1.5Packing?670KG/800L,780KG/926Lsteel cylinders, or ISO TANK.PS?HS Code 29034200.00