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Date: 17th October 2016
FKM (Fluoroelastomer)FKM?is copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and hexafluoropropene. The content of fluorine is 66% byweight. It can be molded, extruded or injected into rubber products, such as O-rings, gaskets, seals and diaphragms as well as hoses etc.Items262022630226404? 2650426704269022612026140Mooney viscosity (ML(1+10)1210C)20-2930-3940-4950-5965-8590-99110-129130-149AppearanceWhite or light-yellow flakeFluorine content(%)66Density(g/cm3) 23 0C1.82+0.02Tensile strength after press cure (MPa) 1770C,10min?8899991010Tensile ? strength after ?post ? cure(Mpa) 2300C,24H?1010111112121313Elongation at break after press cure?%?1770C,10min?200200200200200200180180Elongation at break after post cure?%?2300C,24H?1801801801801801801601602000C 70H?Compressibility ?20% Compressionset (%)?20202020202012122. The basic formula:FKM raw gum: 100g;Bisphenol AF: 2g;Vulcanization accelerator BPP: 0.5g;MgO: 3gN990 MT Carbon Black: 30gCa(OH)2: 6g;3. Package, storage and transportation:(1). Fluoroelastomer is packed in PE bags in the form of flake, and then packed into carton with net weight 20kg per carton.(2). Fluoroelastomer should bestored in clean, dry and cool warehouse. It can be transported as non-hazardous chemicals and should be far away from pollution sources, sunshine as well aswater during transportation.(3). It is suggested that fluoroelastomer storing time limit should be one year after production. If exceeding one year, these products should be retested, they could be used continuously after being retested up to grade.